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Ishita Saraogi 100+ Marks

This journey of procuring a century hasn’t been easy on me, it put me through lots of tests and sleepless nights. Thinking about my initial few days, I used to be a restless, scared individual with an undefined mission. All of which changed when I first got a chance to interact with Amit Bhatnagar Sir.

Arpit Bhatnagar 100+ Marks

Standing here on this pedestal of excellence, I couldn’t be thankful enough. Scoring a perfect 100 wouldn’t have been possible without Amit Bhatnagar Sir, he’s no less than a superhero to me. Math is often dreaded for its difficulty, but to me it seemed like an intriguing book of puzzles.

Tanya Dhingra Student

I am deeply indebted to Keen Learners and Amit Bhatnagar sir for their resolute teaching pattern. The complicated problems have always been really perplexing, making it feel like an impossible task. With Keen Learners I got to explore my strengths.